CADCAM Milling - specialised in dental grinding, cutting, polishing and fine finishing burs. 




Amann Girbach

About CADCAM Milling

The product range includes Diamond and Non-Coated CADCAM milling burs for the most popular milling systems.


We supply Diamond discs, Tungsten Carbide burs, Flexible polishers, Polishing brushes and Mounted stones.


We provide excellent service of communication, logistics and technical support as well as providing professional after-sales support and services.


With the development of new materials for dentures in recent years, the high-quality burs for grinding, polishing Zirconium and Lithium Disilicate have been accepted worldwide.

Milling Burs

Milling Burs Available

- Amann Girrbach

- Roland

- Sirona

- Zirkonzahn 3mm and 6mm

- Wieland Mini

- Wieland Zenotech


- DuraCool Grinders and Polishers


- Diamond Dental burs

- Dental clinic diamond burs, used for grinding, polishing, 

cutting teeth.

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