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About Edenta

Edenta is one of the market leaders in the rotary instrument sector. The company was founded in 1968 by Ingrid and Dieter O. Grätz in Switzerland. Their innovative ideas in the polisher sector, which at the time had still been little researched, laid the foundation for the first in-house production facility. Today it is not only instruments for the dental sector that are produced but also for use in medical surgery.

As a manufacturer of rotary instruments with a high-quality standard and maximum ability to deliver, Edenta is renowned for innovation and quality "Made in Switzerland". And this in 120 countries worldwide.

Edenta instruments have special blade configurations and cutting geometries, which are coordinated to the different materials. We therefore guarantee efficient use and optimum results. Choose from our wide range of coordinated precision instruments. With Edenta you profit from the latest processing techniques for all materials - for fewer changes of instrument and a shorter processing time.

Edenta is a one-stop supplier! Our complete product range of rotary instruments for dental technology is current state-of-the-art technology.



- Systematic contouring, finishing and high-lustre polishing!

Tungsten Carbide Instruments


- Coarse trimming and contouring, fine finishing, smoothing of surfaces or for fissures.