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About Upcera

It was in the autumn of 2000 that Professor Si of Tsinghua University, received a call that few realised would have such an effect in the dental world. It was soon clear that dental technicians everywhere needed a mixture of sound dentistry and materials that allowed full artistic expression in order to create reliable restorations.


In 2009 the first open dental Cad/Cam system was brought to the Chinese market and also in the same year, Upcera introduced the next level of translucency “ST” or Super Translucency” for full contour restoration. In 2011, patents were taken out on even more new zirconia: this time it was an anterior grade translucency and multilayer zirconia.


Upcera were now leading the world in dental ceramics development and in 2012 were the first manufacturer to launch 16 pre-shaded colours worldwide. In 2016 Upcera also launched the world’s first multilayer Hybrid ceramic.


Upcera has over 40 personnel working on various new materials and products. Sales to more than 50 countries mean Upcera is focussed firmly on the number one spot.


In 2018, Upcera launched the EXPLORE. The new multi-purpose zirconia marks another leap forward and allows technicians everywhere to concentrate fully on aesthetics, as strength issues have been fully addressed. It is many years of work and fully represents all that Upcera stands for and is truly “Where art meets science."

Zirconia Family



- ST White

- ST Multilayer

- TT One Multilayer

- Explore Functional & Esthetic

Lithium Disilicate

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- Low Translucency (LT) - C14, B32 & B40

- High Translucent (HT) - C14 & B40

- Excellent Mechanical Strength

- Brilliant Aesthetics with Super High Translucency

- Chairside Instant Restoration

PMMA & WAX Milling

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- Excellent Abrasion Resistance and No Deformation

- Available for Single Shade and Multilayer Shade


- Burned without Residue

- Easy Milling without Deformation


Hybrid ceramic-Single preshaded.png


- Low Translucency (LT) – C14

- Low Translucency (LT Multilayer) - C14

- Elastic Modulus Approximates to Natural Dentine

- Simple Milling, no sintering required

- Chairside instant restoration

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Colouring Liquids

- Match with VITA Classic 16 shades

- Special Liquid for Ideal Individualisation

Glaze Paste

Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 15.08.38.png

- Upcera Independent R&D

- Perfectly Matched with Upcera Zirconia & Lithium Disilicate

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Upcera has been approved by national and international authorised certifications, such as SFDA, ISO 13485, CE and FDA.